Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions with our response. Please be sure to read through them when you have some time. A lot of questions that you might have are answered below. Please do check out the Documentation page as well for step by step instructions on some of the basic functions of our site. Thanks!

Not a penny. Initially our plans were to have different membership tiers ranging from a free plan up to $20/mo but we have since decided to offer all features for free, forever. Our goal is to one day obtain enough sponsors and/or ad revenue to have this site actually pay for itself. For now we are content coming out of pocket to offer our product completely free of charge to our users. 

For buyers it obviously makes more sense to make purchases over a marketplace rather than facebook so this answer is more so directed towards vendors. There are many benefits to selling on the CADDYY marketplace as opposed to facebook via buy and sell groups and below are a few listed:

  • First thing would be the ability to easily list all of your items for sell, categorized in your own personal vendor store. Once you post them once, no work needs to be done until they are sold. No bumping necessary. We offer .csv and .xml product imports/exports to help you get all your products from other marketplaces posted here much more quickly.
  • We offer buy it now, auction, waffles, plus the ability to sell virtual/downloadable products. Something else that is not feasible through facebook groups. On top of all that you can also offer bookable products such as a group clinic or personal training session, or even tee times if you operate a private/paid course.
  • We also have a staff feature. Vendors can add staff members and assign certain permissions for each individual staff member. Do you want one of your employees to be able to post items for sale but not the others? You decide what each one can and can’t do and their vendor dashboard will be personalized for their permissions. If say you don’t allow one staff member to post auction items for sale, they will not see the Auctions tab in their dashboard. 

Although we can’t guarantee that all sellers and buyers will conduct business in good faith, in time with honest reviews we can weed out the bad apples and have the safest place to conduct disc golf business on the internet. 

We use Stripe Connect as well as PayPal Adaptive Payments for our payment gateways, so all major credit cards are accepted as well as PayPal of course. Vendors, in order to receive payments made by customers through Stripe immediately you will need to register for an account with Stripe if you haven’t done so already. If not payments made through Stripe will be sent to an account where you will have to manually withdraw funds from. 

No! For the time being at least you can post unlimited product listings. The only reason we would ever have to impose a limit would be if we just had too many listings for our server to handle but if that ever becomes a problem(?) we will more likely than not have enough ad revenue to pay for an upgraded host.

Anything disc golf related including but not limited to: discs, bags, instructional videos, etc. We offer simple product listings, variable products, downloadable/virtual, auction, as well as bookable products.  Please check out our Approved Products page for a complete list on what can be sold here on CADDYY.

While dropshipping may not be our preferred method of sales we will not stop anyone who practices this method. However we don’t have any plans to accommodate dropshippers as say a shopify would. This is not a site that is a means of connecting with dropshipping suppliers. You will have to receive orders through your dashboard and then manually place your order with your suppliers with the customer’s information for shipping. This marketplace is more-so intended for vendors who stock their own merchandise for sale as this improves quality control and eliminates a lot of problems with buyers.

For any questions regarding how to perform a certain function within the vendor dashboard, please see our Documentation page for detailed step by step tutorials on the basic functions of our website.

Absolutely, as long as vendors have their chat option enabled in their Vendor Dashboard settings. Not only can you chat with them via our instant messaging tool, we highly encourage you to do so. Establishing trust in any business relationship, no matter how small, is key. A lot of times people don’t pull the trigger on a purchase not because they don’t want the item but simply because they don’t know/trust who they are purchasing from. Take a few minutes to contact a vendor and build a relationship. It goes a long way when it comes to customer service. Not only will you as a buyer feel better knowing who you sent your money to, vendors will be much more inclined to provide the fastest and best service possible when there is that personal connection. So please, say hello…

In order to become a featured vendor a few requirements must be met. First of all, you must have filled out your vendor profile completely, including address, phone number and I.D. Verification. Connecting every social media profile is not necessary but highly recommended. Secondly, you must have all five star reviews with at least ten transactions. Also you must send photo proof of your inventory that you have listed (no dropshippers). By photo proof we mean a picture of your items in the storage facility, or wherever it is that your inventory is kept. Lastly, you have to ask. Please get a hold of us via email and let us know that you think you meet all the requirements to be a featured vendor.

No. Not only is it not required but it is frowned upon. Please do NOT apply any grade, whether it be a number or letter grade, to any disc posted for sale here. If a customer wants your opinion according to the “Sleepy Scale” then please communicate your thoughts through the live chat or support ticket system, but please do not post that information publicly. For one, its just not a very good system. Should there be decimals or should there not? Can any disc be a 10? What does field tested actually mean? These are some of the questions one might encounter when trying to decipher the “Sleepy Scale”. We feel what is more important is posting as many pictures as possible as well as properly describing it via text in the description. If you have any questions as to the condition of a disc please use the chat now feature to speak directly to the vendor instantly or if they do not have that feature enabled you may also email or open up a support ticket. We highly encourage all buyers to do as much research as possible before purchasing a disc if they are unsure of the condition in any way. We also highly encourage all vendors to accurately list their items with all defects noted. 

At the moment we currently offer .csv and .xml imports/exports which do unfortunately come with some limitations. We are in the process of looking for a more streamlined approach of importing listings from other marketplaces. More info on that as soon as it is available.

For the time being at least, we have decided to keep this marketplace restricted to the United States. Any members caught falsifying account information in order to sell will have their accounts permanently blocked. We feel keeping it on a national level will harbor a better environment for sales. Nobody likes waiting a month for a package to arrive so we feel eliminating those overseas and cross border trips for merchandise will greatly enhance the buyers’ experiences.

We are happy to announce that our our is now live in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

Vendors will be able to set their own shipping prices/policies. Please contact the individual vendor if you have any questions about the shipping of a particular item. We recommend that all vendors incorporate their shipping costs into their product price and offer “free” shipping. Sellers please refer to the Vendor tab on the Documentation page for more info on setting up your shipping zones and integrating ShipStation, if you so chose to.

Every vendor will have the ability to set their own return policy. However, if an item arrives damaged or not as described by the vendor and they are not willing to offer a refund then please fill out the form at the Resolution Center and we will take a look at it. If we feel a return is warranted then we will ask the vendor to accept the return. Although we won’t force any vendor to accept a return, even if they are at fault, we will not hesitate to permanently ban vendors when necessary to keep this platform as safe as possible for members alike.

Currently we do not have any plans to implement any such system. We feel that with our rating and feedback systems along with our instant messaging tool there is really not any reason for the buyer to not have a very good idea of the purchase they are about to make. We highly encourage reaching out and contacting the seller before making any purchases to avoid any confusions that may cause the need for returns. All too often people rush into a purchase without reading all the info and then get upset when it arrives and doesn’t meet their expectations. While we will never favor vendors over buyers in disputes or visa versa, we do feel that it is the buyer’s burden to make sure that what they are about to purchase is indeed what they are wanting. So once again, please do say hello with our instant messaging tool. If a vendor does not have their instant messaging tool enabled you may still contact them via a support ticket.

Well we do offer a “Local Pickup” option for vendors that they may choose to use or not but look, we’re not haters so its not a huge deal to us if you link up with a local seller that you meet through CADDYY. We understand that doing business in person is almost always preferred. Just note that we are not responsible for anything that may occur during such encounters and we are not liable for any damages that may be incurred. Obviously we would prefer that all transactions are performed through our site, not just because that is how we make money but because every review left helps this marketplace become a safer place to do business. Reviews can only be left by verified customers.

No. There are absolutely zero hidden fees, and there never will be! The only fees that you will ever encounter on this website are the third party merchant (PayPal/Stripe) transactions fees which a) we cannot control and b) provide a great form of security for buyers and vendors alike and therefore even if we could do away with it, we would probably keep it just for the benefits it provides at a relatively inexpensive fee. Transparency is our goal here. We are not trying to get rich, but there are indeed some operating costs to running a multi vendor marketplace that cannot be avoided.  Hence the desire for us to establish enough of an online presence to sell a few bucks worth of adspace on the home page.