Approved Products

As a general rule of thumb, if an item is branded with a disc golf company logo then it is probably ok to sell it here. There are some exceptions but for the most part that will hold true. It's also worth noting that just because an item is not branded with a logo or made by a disc golf related company does not mean that it can't be sold here. If you are unsure at all about whether or not an item is approved please get a hold of us before posting it. Below is a list of some of the approved products. Over time this list will evolve and become a bylaw. But for the time being it is more a general guideline. Once again, if you have any doubts or questions at all about a particular item(s) please to not hesitate to contact us and we will let you know asap.

This goes without saying but just in case, you can sell discs here… Any kind is ok. Doesn’t have to be PDGA approved, just make sure descriptions are always accurate. Ultimate frisbees, flying rings, boomerangs, minis, etc. If its a piece of plastic/rubber/wood/etc. that you throw, its probably ok to sell it here.

Any disc golf bag, cart, or accessories related to are more than welcome. No jogging carts, backpacks, kids strollers, or bags that aren’t specifically designed for disc golf. However, if you have modified or customized them in some form or fashion specifically for disc golf (i.e. added a disc rack or way to store discs or maybe some added swag in the form of stickers or patches). Just so its not some stock baby jogging stroller or backpack. 

Whatever you like to call them, you can sell them here. Feel free to sell homemade ones as well, just be sure to note all the dimensions as accurately as possible, as with everything.

Any disc golf related clothing is acceptable, including but not limited to: shoes, hats, shirts, pants, sweaters, scarfs, underwear, sunglasses, etc. And no, just because its something you would wear to go play disc golf in does NOT make it disc golf related. It needs to be branded with some sort of disc golf logo or saying that obviously relates to disc golf. If you have to ask yourself whether it relates to disc golf or not, the answer is probably no. 

Towels and other wet weather products such as Whale Sacs are also an approved item here. With the towels they do need to be branded with something related to disc golf, however the dry hand products do NOT. These are one of the few, if not the only exception to the rule.

Glow sticks, glow tape, UV flashlights, etc. These are some more of the exceptions to the rules as these items do not need to be branded/made by a disc golf related company.

I think that is what the young kids would call this… Any stickers, decals, pins, cart decorations, etc. are good to go… Once again, assuming they are disc golf related. Catching the theme here? 

Can toppers and koozies are perfectly fine, once again as long as they are branded in some form or fashion or made by a disc golf related company. 

Paintings, posters, disc stamp designs, drawings, etc. Any type of artwork that is disc golf related… This is a great way for artists to sell their paintings or other artwork, including digital.  Artwork must be original. Vendors found to be selling artwork done by anyone other than themselves, or a member of their company, will be subject to account termination.

Instructional/how-to videos, disc golf related art (digital drawings, posters, pictures, etc.), round coverage, drone footage of courses, course maps/tips, or any other downloadable media related to disc golf can also be sold here. So go outside the box a little and you never know, you might be able to make some money. The great part about selling digital products is you don’t have to ship anything, and they are a renewable resource that can be sold over and over again. So get all your media files listed for sale asap and start making some extra cash.

Take advantage of our Bookings feature and start scheduling people for your disc golf clinics/events today. This is a great tool to manage all your appointments with many different options and settings to customize your experience. You can offer 1-on-1 classes, group clinics, or any other paid event that your customers will attend locally. Do you own/operate a private course? Book your scheduled tee times through us to offer a simple way for your customers to sign up and pay for their slot. Please check out the Vendors tab on the Documentation page for a more in-depth look on how to list bookable products and/or services in your store so you can start booking clients today!